How To Play

Ultimate Form is an exciting free-to-play online football game where users can earn credits and gems in order to collect their favourite Premier League stars as virtual cards. Users can use the cards in their collection book to play fun game modes such as live Fantasy Football, 5 A Side, High / Low and much more! Compete with players from all over the world in the various game modes to win amazing prizes and earn all the bragging rights! Are you the Ultimate Player?

When you first create a free account on Ultimate Form you will be given the option to select which account type you want to start with.




- 25 Player Starter Pack

- 50,000 Starter Credits

- 25 Player Starter Pack

- 50,000 Starter Credits

- 100,000 Credits a month

- 500 Gems a month

- 1 Rare Premier League Card

- 5% Discount on all Gem purchases

(WORTH OVER £20.00)

- 25 Player Starter Pack

- 50,000 Starter Credits

- 200,000 Credits a month

- 1000 Gems a month

- 1 Rare Premier League Card

- 1 Special Card

- 10% Discount on all Gem purchases

(WORTH OVER £50.00)

£0.00 (FREE)

£7.99 / month

14.99 / month

There are various card types in Ultimate Form, all card types have unique benefits.






The standard basic card in the game.


Player Of The Week (POTW)

The best player of the week.


Goal Of The Month (GOTM)

The player who gets awarded Goal Of The Month.


Player Of The Month (POTM)

The player who gets awarded Player Of The Month.


Limited Edition

Limited Edition cards which are given as Weekly / Monthly rewards.

x3 / x3.5 / x4 / x5    

Star Man

When a user completes the entire collection for a club, they are rewarded with a special card for the star player of that club.




A multiplier is a unique feature of a card. It allows specific cards to score a higher amount of points in a Fantasy Football gameweek by being multiplied by the cards specific multiplier.


Let’s use Sergio Aguero as an example of how multipliers would work in a specific gameweek. In this scenario we will imagine Aguero has scored 10 points this Fantasy gameweek and how different multipliers would affect his overall gameweek score:


CARD (Multiplier)



Segio Aguero (x1)

10 Points

10 Points

Segio Aguero (x2)

10 Points

20 Points

Segio Aguero (x3)

10 Points

30 Points

Segio Aguero (x4)

10 Points

40 Points

Segio Aguero (x5)

10 Points

50 Points


Card Stats

Each card has 3 stats; Defense, Midfield & Attack. These 3 stats improve if a player receives multiple cards in a season. The higher the cards Multiplier, the better stats they will have.


Card Stats are important for game modes such as 5 A Side & High / Low.

The Fantasy Football game mode is where users can select cards they’ve collected from their collection book, to put into their Fantasy Football team for each specific gameweek.

When a user has selected their starting 11 for their Fantasy Football team, the players they have selected will earn points depending on how they perform in real life Premier League matches.

As mentioned in the Multiplier section. Specific cards will earn more points if they have a higher card multiplier.

Point System

All Players

Goal Scored - +5 points

Hat-Trick (3 or more goals) - +5 points

Assist - +3 points

Yellow Card - (minus) -1 points

Red Card - (minus) -3 points

Penalty Missed - (minus) -3 points

Own Goal - (minus) -3 points


Goalkeepers & Defenders

Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) - +5 points

2 Goals Conceded Or More - (minus) -1 point


Goalkeepers Only

Penalty Save - +3 points


Live Transfers

The beauty of Fantasy Football on Ultimate Form is that there is no transfer window. You can make an unlimited amount of LIVE transfers to your fantasy team during live matches each gameweek.

For example, if you have Mo Salah in your fantasy team and he has already scored you 10 fantasy points, but he then gets subbed off, you can make a live transfer there and then to transfer out Mo Salah and replace him with a new player, while still keeping all the points he scored for you already.

To make it even better, you don’t only keep the points your transferred out players have scored for you, but you also earn additional points for any new players that have also scored points for your fantasy team too.

Important - Transferred in players will only score points from the exact time you transfer them in. If that player has scored any points prior to you adding them in your team, you will not receive those points.

5 A Side is a game mode where users can battle it out against the Ultimate Form AI in order to win credits.


How To Play?

STEP 1 - Pick a difficulty (Beginner, Challenger, Ultimate). The harder the difficulty the better the rewards.

STEP 2 - Pick your 5 a side team from your collection book.

STEP 4 - You will then enter the 5 A Side match, where you will see your team and the Ultimate Form AI team. Select the stat (DEF, MID & ATT) that you think will be higher than your opponent's card.

STEP 5 - Every time a round is won, the credits won for that round will total up in the “Your Points” section.

STEP 6 - If you won the most rounds at the end of the match, this means you have won the 5 A Side match. You will win all the credits you won per round, plus a final match win bonus on top.

If you lose the match overall, you will not win any credits, including any credits won on specific winning rounds.







10,000 Credits

4,000 - 6,000 Credits

30,000 Credits


5,000 Credits

2,000 - 4,000 Credits

20,000 Credits


2,500 Credits

0 - 2,000 Credits

10,000 Credits

High / Low is a game mode where users can win credits by predicting whether the random stat shown on a card will be higher or lower in the next card shown.





100 Credits

300 Credits (with original 100 refunded)


30% off!